Posted on December 2, 2004 at 10:10 am

Are you tired of this yet, bloggers filling up your valuable time with trivia from their lives?
Actually, I enjoyed reading Annie’s and Norma‘s
so much, that I though maybe mine could be at least half as interesting
an exercise, for me at least. You know how much I love to talk about
me. So here, in no particular order, are 100 things (plus one) that I think that I
haven’t let you in on yet.

  1. I originally learned to knit from my Mom, but a Danish teenager
    got me excited about knitting when I was 9, because she was so
    unbelievably fast.
  2. I am a combination knitter.
  3. Therefore, I prefer to purl than to knit.
  4. Seed stitch and ribbing is absolutely effortless in combination
    knitting and I tell this to people every chance I get because, just as
    the knitting far-right suspects, I am trying to convert people.
  5. I am a swift knitter.
  6. I’ve never entered a fast needle competition because I prefer to fantasize than to be beaten.
  7. If it weren’t for Kaffe Fasset’s first book, I probably wouldn’t have cared much about knitting.
  8. I don’t tell my non-knitting friends about my blog.
  9. I am mildly anxious that my non-knitting friends know about it anyway.
  10. Several people from my life so far that I can’t bring myself to
    talk to anymore have blogs and I’ve read them once or twice, because I
    am still curious about them.
  11. I am not in the habit of Googling people, but it’s interesting every once in a great while.
  12. My mom raised national champion German Shepherds for awhile when I was young.
  13. I rode horses passionately until I was 11.
  14. I don’t know why I stopped. 
  15. I have a secret hope that my son will discover a great love for
    horses and we will have to let him ride.  Then I can ride again too.
  16. I have a curio cabinet of a brain with lots of abandoned hobbies
    and skills my mother paid good money for cluttering the place up:
    French, Spanish, piano, dance.
  17. I never finish anything except my knitting. 
  18. I lose interest.
  19. I wish I had more discipline.
  20. I’d use it to get and stay fit, to write the novel I’ve been threatening to write since I was 16, and to be a fundraiser for Sustainable Harvest International.  In that order.
  21. My husband was my first real romantic relationship.
  22. I met him when I was 32.
  23. My mother can say that she told me so.  She told me all my life
    that I wouldn’t meet anyone who would appreciate me until I was older.
    She started telling me that when I was bawling my eyes out over a boy
    who blew me off hurtfully when I was 12. 
  24. I’ve always thought it was one of her many ways of telling me that I’m "too serious".
  25. I am serious. That doesn’t mean I’m no fun, it just means that I
    think things in a world where people buy $5000 shower curtains while
    people don’t have clean water things are seriously messed up..
  26. I always wanted to go into comedy or theater, but I’m not good enough at either, and I know it.
  27. I love writing my blog, but I wish more people read it.
  28. I hate that I wish that.
  29. I am knee-bucklingly grateful to everyone who does read it.  I fall
    all over myself in gratitude whenever I meet anyone who’s read it,
    especially if they’re not one of my non-knitting friends.
  30. My favorite colour is Green.
  31. My favorite blog is Yarn Harlot
  32. I used to live in Toronto, near Bloor on Palmerston.
  33. I think O.J. did it.
  34. I don’t believe in the death penalty, even for monsters.
  35. I am not at peace with that.
  36. I was the kid everyone picked on.
  37. I have a 1948 Willy’s Jeepster in the garage.
  38. I can’t drive it because it’s a shift on the column and that intimidates me.
  39. I drive a baby blue mini van.
  40. I love it, even though my 28 year old self is embarrassed to be seen in this body.
  41. I love to drive, especially long distances.
  42. When I was 25, my sister and I drove across country in my Honda Accord.
  43. I like yoga, but I hardly ever practice.
  44. I like to lift weights.
  45. I hate running.
  46. I have a sweet tooth.
  47. My favorite food is garlic lemon roast chicken from a Boston restaurant called Hamersley’s.
  48. My last meal would be that, schupfnudeln,a bottle of Chambolle Musigny, and my mother’s chocolate mousse for dessert.
  49. The best meal I ever ate in my life was in Venice at a restaurant called Antiquo Martini.
  50. I will not eat anything with four legs.
  51. I eat everything else. 
  52. I’ve eaten rattlesnake.
  53. I’ve eaten kangaroo, but it was a long time ago.
  54. I’ve scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef.
  55. I fell for my dive instructor.
  56. I never told him.
  57. My husband happens to be the lead singer of a band I worshiped in college.
  58. They were called the Sex Execs.
  59. I still idolize him.
  60. It’s mutual, most days.
  61. His first wife’s name was Julia too.
  62. She’s cool.
  63. I LOVE their kids. 
  64. (I think they should have more of them.). 
  65. I have brown eyes.  Really dark brown eyes.
  66. I had a great great grandmother who was probably Native American.
  67. I have pierced ears.
  68. I colour my hair.  I call the colour "Remembrance of Things Past".
  69. I have read the first volume of Proust. (see I told you I never finish anything).
  70. I think making this list is hard.
  71. I am a Taurus, Gemini rising, Cancer Moon.
  72. I am a Meyers Briggs ENTP.
  73. I am a type B personality
  74. I am O positive
  75. I am an Autumn
  76. I am a mesomorph
  77. I am progressive girl
  78. I am a grammar god.
  79. I always take those quizilla tests but I never post the results on my blog.
  80. I think of such evaluations as interesting lenses to look at things through, but not as any great truth.
  81. I believe we have souls, but I think we borrow our part and give it back to the big soup when we die.
  82. I
    was raised as a hell-fearing Episcopalian, but I left the church
    because I grew tired of all the patriarchal dogmatic fear-mongering.
  83. I go to Unitarian Universalist church, and I love it.
  84. I was a delegate to the General Assembly the year it was in Salt Lake City.
  85. Mormons freak me out.
  86. Any adherent to some great "truth" freaks me out.
  87. I think Walmart is to blame for a lot of what’s wrong with this country.
  88. I seriously love McDonald’s french fries, even though I won’t buy them.
  89. The most satisfying thing I ever did was take my church youth group to Homestead Florida to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.
  90. My secret fantasy is to adopt four AIDS orphans from Africa.
  91. I was bitten by a neighbor’s dog I was trying to stop from running away when I was 12.
  92. I still have the scar.
  93. I broke my arm playing tag in the sixth grade.
  94. I had a cesarean section.
  95. I have a reconstructed right foot.
  96. I still have all my other parts: appendix, tonsils, adenoids.
  97. I almost drowned in a river rafting accident.
  98. I wasn’t scared until after they hauled me out.
  99. I don’t read as much as I used to because I knit instead.
  100. I suspect that this, too, will pass.Sock_3_1
  101. I have reached the heel flap on the Green River socks.