Posted on April 16, 2004 at 2:54 pm

Stitches, that is.

Indulging in guilty pleasure #254 last night, that is Survivor on Tivo after the kids have all been tucked away, I was zipping along on Jaipur for 33 minutes (that’s all that’s left of an hour of television once the commercials and the lead-in "Last Week on Survivor" montage has been fast forwarded over), and looked down at my progress.

Thank Digital I had a record of where I was two days ago to refer to, because were it not for that, I would have said I had been running in place for half an hour.

Plain colour on plain stockinette on size 4s is a snooze y’all, as you know.
Here’s what’s keeping me awake:


A Dinosaur emerges from the ooze.  Okay, those decreases should be double centered or something tidier, but this is the first version.  I’m thinking I might have to make some for friends.  I’m farther up the hood right now, and I can just picture the little red ridge running down the back.  I need one in purple for me too, I think, so I can be a Mommysaurus.

If only I could knit in my sleep.