Posted on December 22, 2004 at 10:23 pm

Do you really want to hear about that?

Didn’t think so.

But this I did hear at knit night:
Got a knitting shortfall? Too many relatives expecting felted slippers and custom socks? No problem. Here’s the solution:

1. Wrap the slippers/ socks–unfinished (this is critical)– in a neutral paper, attach a card, an make your way Christmas afternoon to relative/in-law’s house.
2. Drink eggnog.
3. Compliment children/ new addition, baubles and trinkets gleaned this holiday season.
4. Present gift.
5. Apologize that it is unfinished, holidays so crazy, concerts at school, peek week at dance, oldest kid had a research essay and had to go to an actual library, etcetera et cetera, and retrieve to take home for final touches.
6. In car, re-wrap slippers/ socks, attach new card (making sure old tape mark is undetectable to the naked eye) and proceed to next relative/friend’s house.
7. Repeat until all demands are met.

Don’t forget, come March, that in the interest of verisimilitude those felted slippers for your college roomate’s husband were supposed to be done by January 10th. Remember that there’s always the “Felting is an in-exact science” excuse.


p.s. Lenore: We miss you!