Posted on April 27, 2004 at 7:48 am

Today:a little update on the projects.  I have been lucky enough to have had a bit of extra knitting time lately, so I’ve covered a lot of ground, having finished both sleeves for the Simply Marilyn sweater I’m knitting for Cornelia, and have reached the underarm bind-off for the Noro Blossom vest I’m making.  I’m playing with the idea of adding a little border to Simply Marilyn since the girl doesn’t want the cable panel.  Too busy around the front, er, chest area she thinks.  I’m thinking just a picot edge or a cabled cast on like I’ve seen in theTwisted Sister sock book.  Something small and simple, because it is a very chunky yarn, anything too fussy would just look sloppy.  Suggestions, anyone?

Meanwhile, I have to confess that I made a slight error when I called this Noro vest "mindless".  I had been coveting the Zen that Stephanie‘s acheived with her little blue sweater, but such nirvana was denied me in this project.  I think that Zen must be something more like the mind-numbing blur I was mired in when I was knitting Jaipur (before I had to rip the whole bloody bloody christly thingymajohnbobbit thing out!!!), and will reacquaint myself with when I cast on for The Return of Jaipur.  Oooh, I can feel my legs falling asleep just thinking about it. 

But I digress.

I had been admiring Stephanie’s little discourse on the bliss of making a perfect sweater, straightforward in technique and style.  I have seldom bothered with such exercises because I was always after the kind of sweater that was impossible to move out of the chair where it was being knit lest my bobbins turn into a tangle denser than a nest of mating snakes.   Yes, it’s true.   Hello, my name is Julia, and I am a Recovering Rowan hag.  A slave to Sasha.  A whore for Botany 4ply.  It’s not a pretty story. 

But I digress.

So I buy this little Noro booklet, number 15, with the simplest little pattern for a vest in Blossom, and even the picture is in a colour I love.  No finish work except for side seams and sewing on a few buttons, and the yarn looks seductively like homespun, if you squint.  But it turns out my mindless project was actually interesting, even vexing at times.  Blossom is a sort of chenille texture plied with a series of thread slubs and the whole thing splits so that the thread slubs stick out from the fabric calling out "Looks over here, a split stitch!"  And occasionally I have to maneuver these little furry wads of fiber around to the back of the work because otherwise it would look like I had knit baby hamsters into my sweater.  And the basketweave pattern is almost completely impossible to keep track of from row to row because of the fuzziness of the yarn.  But this is what I get for my pains:

I think that this is a bliss I could settle for.