Posted on November 14, 2013 at 5:18 pm

I finally found myself in the presence of someone to hold a camera for me (other than my Mister, who thinks if I’m in the frame, it counts as a good shot. I choose to believe this is a compliment rather than a dim measure of his competence). Friend and model and tech editor Dawn snapped a few for me of my finished Rhinebeck Mindy. It looks a little different from the dark green original even thought they were both knit in the same yarn, Lorna’s Laces Haymarket.


Granted, I wasn’t dressed specifically for this sweater. I was wearing a somewhat bulky corduroy tunic that day, for warmth. Dawn was graciously letting me photograph her wearing something I finished recently for a surprise I can’t tell you much more about. It will be here before too long, so on to the topic at hand.


I knit this second version in the middle length offered, and the fact that it fit over the tunic and the thermal t shirt underneath and still looks intentional should give you a good idea of how forgiving this sweater is in the way it fits. It skims me pretty much the same way when it is by itself over a t-shirt. This is because of the cabled fabric, which makes it very elastic. But the benefit of this color (called Patina) is you can really see the cable transitions and how everything flows from one section to the next. I bought the purple buttons at the Hub Mills Yarn store; they have such a great selection to choose from.


Think I made the right choice?