Posted on March 1, 2013 at 10:04 am

The knitternet has changed since I started this blog nine years ago. It used to be that people who knit things I put out there were here on the blog to begin with. End of story.

Because the knitternet has evolved, and social media has begotten Ravelry (and since I distribute my patterns principally through Ravelry), a lot of folks who make my patterns don't even know I have a blog. But Ravelry also has a solution: micro-communities organized around particular interests, including the work of individual designers.


When I realized there were several KALs going on in various places on Ravelry, and checking on them became a daily thing for me (heavens forbid someone freak out and no one help them), with all that clicking around I decided that maybe it was time to have just one place where I could offer a hand if someone got into a color cunundrum or a cable snarl. Plus, Julie Matthews offered to make it happen (fabulous lady, Miss Julie). It was just the push I needed.Didn't she make a beautiful banner from Caro's photograph? I love it. Nicki is also helping out as a moderator, and is an enthusiastic enabler in her own right.

So stop by, maybe even join. Group members get special notices about new releases, extra hand holding in the pattern support, and cheering from the sidelines. And who knows what else.