Posted on October 26, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Kelly has this theory about the blog. She thinks that anytime something expensive happens to me (fiber wise), I blame it on her. I would substitute "fun" for expensive, although granted, sometimes fun does come with a purchase price. Sock machines, new looms, lovely wheels, and sweater lots of Classic Elite or Madeline Tosh: all seem to happen to me in Kelly's company. However, today there was much fun for not much money.


Kelly had a delivery to make of large hand crafted items to a small business in Windham, Maine, and she would be taking the Beast, the lumbering diesel-powered vehicle of the post title. And Windham is only about 30 minutes away from Lisbon, home of Amy King and her fabulous shop, Spunky Eclectic. Did I want to come?



A couple of hours, one successful delivery, a Snickers stop, and about three inches on a sweater sleeve later, we saw a couple of good signs:


And suddenly, we were there, surrounded by a whole room full of the lovely pillowy touchable colorful sweetness that Amy can only cram a tiny bit of into her show booth.



There is almost too much to take in around every turn. Wheels, bags, looms, tools plain and obscure, and buckets upon buckets of spindles.


 And indeed, a table to sit around.


We talked about shoes, and sweaters, books, and friends. Amy was wearing her Oatmeal cardigan and hand knit socks.  I showed her my Dinosaur sweater in progress, and bought some fiber for my next handspun sweater, which I will of course, share with you in the next post. And then she had a class to teach, so we found tuna melts at the local diner, headed home, and resolved to return soon.  Amy assures me that she can spin 1300 yards of worsted weight singles in two episodes of Dexter, and that is a trick I must learn.