Posted on March 15, 2012 at 11:18 am

Right now I have a number of sleeves on the needles, waiting for each other and for their associated bodies.

I have never really liked the phrase "Sleeve Island." It makes me think of Jeff Probst and Survivor, like the knitter is marooned somewhere with only rice and yarn to keep them alive. It sounds sad, and sleeves are anything but sad in my opinion. They are either the stretch before the sweater gets interesting (if you are knitting a yoked sweater), or they are the last sprint before you can seam the whole thing up and wear it out the door.


Or, they might even be the "swatch" you are rehearsing at the beginning of a project, and are fun and exciting as you familiarize yourself with your new yarn.  In any case, sleeves to me feel like a whole lot of "about to happen".

Tell me if I am wrong.