Posted on December 24, 2014 at 8:23 pm

So I have in my hand a copy of my collection. This morning I drove over to the Classic Elite offices to sign a box of books to send with them to the TNNA show in Phoenix in a few weeks.


It will be available for real on the 31st, through Webs, directly from Classic Elite, or through Ravelry in the usual way as an eleven pattern ebook, or á la carte.

The hat on the cover is called the Annisquam Beret. It is written in three sizes and is knit in Color by Kristin. The ribbon is optional, but since it is threaded through the turned headband, it is very handy to adjust the size for girls with variable hair like me. In fact, I’m about to knit one for myself in Eggplant.

More news later, after I finish making Christmas happen around here. In the meantime, let me wish a wonderful Holiday season to you and yours.