Posted on September 27, 2014 at 7:55 pm

I looked up at the calendar the other day and WHOA, I thought: “who put October right there?”

You know what October means.

Rhinebeck sweater time.

As if you aren’t already hearing about it since everyone everywhere in the knitterverse is starting their Rhinebeck/anti-Rhinebeck sweater. It’s a rite of Fall, regardless of where you live in Amérique du Nord. Cast on I have in a pattern I wrote for an upcoming release from Classic Elite Yarns. Of all the patterns in the last year (20? I think?) this is the one I want for myself most of all, so I’m using my favorite yarn at the moment, Color by Kristin, and I’m cabling away in the most entertaining fashion.

cableyStarting at the shoulders.

There’s a few weeks left, and I knit the original (granted a few sizes smaller) in about this amount of time, so if I push a little I should be binding off the night before in my hotel room. Or at a bar nearby.

We are talking about Rhinebeck, after all.