Posted on November 6, 2016 at 5:47 pm


As time has passed, I have had a chance to regard the Teeter Totter Shawl from a distance. A number of knitters have gotten a bell shape from the pattern and haven’t liked the result or been able to block the bump out, so I’ve reconsidered how it was written to eliminate the bell altogether. It’s still a fetching shawl, but if a knitter is unhappy, something must be done! And if other knitters won’t even cast on for fear of “the bell,” well then, here comes a major intervention!


I did write Metronome differently with this in mind, and I’ve seen a consistent straight upper edge from that pattern as my test knitters and all the finished projects that came after have shown, so I suggest if you want a straight upper edge that you use the same shaping for Teeter Totter.

The bell shape can be turned into a straight upper edge if you make 3 increases every row instead of just the two. Here’s a visual to demonstrate the difference between increasing 2 stitches every row, and three stitches every row. The top shawl is increased by two stitches every row, the bottom, by three.


You do this by increasing twice at the beginning of every row, and once at the end of every row. This will balance the 3 increases out every two rows, and you get a straight edge and a long crescent.

I would recommend keeping the yarn overs in play though, so you would proceed in this way: k2, yo, k, kfb, kfb, work in pattern to last 5 sts, kfb, k3, dropping yo as you come to it. Work this way for both RS and WS, knitting on the RS between the edge instructions, purling on the WS between the edge instructions.

I will ask the folks at Berroco if they want to include this as an amendment somewhere, but they were very happy with the shawl as it was knit. I wear both my bell and crescent Metronomes differently, and actually prefer the scarfy quality of the bell version at times, as the bump folds under and creates an extra layer around the throat, so I think this is a matter of personal preference.  I hope if you’ve been hesitant to cast on for Teeter Totter, that you’ll reconsider at this point, and give it a go!