Posted on August 20, 2013 at 9:51 pm

This has been a wonderful week for me.

I’ve been busy with the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival. My family hosts musicians for the week, and so we’ve been cooking for double the usual number, moving chairs from venue to venue, drinking wine and swapping stories late into the many nights, and witnessing the most amazing music happening right in front of us, sometimes right in my own living room.

As the dust settles, I can also say that this week was extra special for me because my Welcome to the Flock sweater was number one for awhile on Ravelry’s Hot Right Now page. Entirely thanks to the influence of The Yarn Harlot’s pending neice or nephew, her knitters found my little pattern out, and goodness but what a lot of happy a sheep sweater can bring to a bunch of knitters. I’m especially delighted because this pattern was something I wrote for my friend Brooke’s gorgeous SIncere Sheep yarn, so I feel like the sweater already had good kharma.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.19.00 PM
image thanks to Bristol Ivy

So this is a welcome, especially if you’re looking me up for the first time to see what this sheep chick is all about. This is also a great big enormous thank you if you bought or even queued the pattern. Know that I already made a donation to Stephanie’s favorite charity as a thank you for the attention she sent me, and also know that I hope you enjoy knitting the sheep. There’s a kind of a KAL thread over on Ravelry for questions if you have them, and hopefully there will be a lot of lovely little people in warm sheepie sweaters this winter, and for winters to come.

Knitters are awesome. That is all.