Posted on July 24, 2004 at 12:31 pm

finger_lineHere’s what I forgot to take with me on my vacation:

1) The pattern for the Linen Drape sweater, so that I was reduced to knitting a mere companion to the incomplete sleeve. Now I have two partially finished sleeves, lace panels at the tops to come this week. I swear that I will finish my spring sweater before the leaves fall.

2) Needles or any indication of what size were the needles that I knit the Insomnia sweater with. I know that it was an ancient pair made up of one blue and one green Boye needle, but what size my mismatched pair are, I could not recall. I therefore have no sleeve progress to report for this project. Ugh.

3) The beads for the Koigu kerchief. Fortunately, the yarn store in Marquette stocks number 6 seed beads, and I was able to finish it anyway. UnCommon Threads is a darling store, and I made it in to visit twice while I was there, so infectious was my enthusiasm for my knitting that I convinced two friends to take up long neglected needles again.

So what did I manage to get done? I know that a few people were skeptical of how ambitious I seemed in taking all that along with me. Well, I made the gloves; I made the kerchief; I made as much of a second sleeve for Jaipur as I could reconstruct from the sleeve I had with me; I finished my homework for my Lily Chin class; I made an afghan square I promised as a default New Hampshire entry for Kay and Ann: and I started a sock. An entrelac sock at that. I’ll post some more pics this week as I am a responsible blogger and I did document some of my progress, although not as rigorously as I might have were I at home with you and everybody looking over my shoulder. It was my vacation, after all.

And yesterday, I met Lily Chin. But you’ll have to check back for details about that too.

It’s good to be home.