Posted on December 14, 2004 at 10:22 pm

I am knitting away on the neck-down sweater, growing weary of it, but since I really need the size 9s to finish another long-neglected Noro-based vest that I would much rather be working on, I am thinking that the only way I can bring myself to plod through the last thirty rows of the last sleeve might be with a shot or five of bourbon.    Img_2054
And just when it was blackest part of the night, twenty nine rows to go, fellow-spinner Beth (whose zen and skill I worship and aspire to when I am an accomplished spinner) made a rare and therefore happy appearance at Tuesday night knitters (knitting socks in a clever and refreshing way with Regia that I have never thought of before, so I’ll have to show you for my next pair), and she was so delighted with the Manos and the sweater and the way it was working out that her enthusiasm for the unhappy thing rubbed off on me a little, and now I think that I might actually be able to finish it sober.

Img_2056And socks.  Two pairs going now.  Fritzy’s Socks just at the heel flap, and ribbed socks just like Alison‘s Ikea socks working through the gusset.  These are a bit of an experiment, in a lavender Sirdar Denin DK I’ve had kicking around for a few years.  It’s not strictly a sock yarn so the wearability is uncertain. But the fabric is very soft and the high acrylic content will make them washable, at least.  And yeah, that’s a magic loop.  I’ve never done one before, but I saw Joe was using the technique on his sleeve, and with close examination of his picture, and an understanding of how double circs work, I figured it out.  I only have this one size 3 in the house, so it had to be magic loop, or else risk my YNBA by entering a yarn store to buy a needle.

And speaking of restraint: have you seen this?  Look in that bag.  Yummy yummy vicarious shopping spree.