Posted on May 29, 2004 at 10:10 am

giraffe_bellyFirst, the giraffe.  The convenient LYS was out of Lemon Drop, so Walter and Miss C picked up Sun yellow instead.  It isn’t a bad match, and frankly I like the effect of a paler belly.  It’s like the giraffe hasn’t turned over in the tanning bed for awhile.  I have the ears made too, so today I will seam.

dexter_haven  Meanwhile, there’s something strange going on with the Linen Drape.  I’m beginning to like it.  Well, maybe like is too strong a word for it.  Let’s just say that I have a healthy respect for it.  I have settled into an even rhythmn with it; this is a yarn that doesn’t take uneven tension kindly.  There are four stitches in a row about five inches before the underarm cast off that are slightly looser than the rest, and they are screaming at me.  But no way am I frogging to shut them up.  However, the fabric coming off the needles is just elegant.  I admire the definition of the seed stitch at the bottom edge, and I’m actually a little excited to get to the lacy bits around the neck when I conquer the front piece to see how that works up.  I read a couple of reviews of the yarn on Kim Salazaar’s Wise Needle site, and both knitters admit that it takes an experienced hand to work with this yarn, but claim that the finished fabric softens with wash and wear.
So I wouldn’t say that Linen Drape and I are in love yet.  I might say that it’s a little like one of those Hollywood movies where two impossibly different characters who despise each other are thrown into an unusual situation–like, oh for example, a luxury liner that gets flash-frozen in a time travelling iceberg about to be hit by an asteroid–and have to stick it out, yet come out the other end happy to be together.  Yeah.  Just like that.