Posted on March 17, 2005 at 8:37 pm

Birch_tubePeople put their needles in the darndest places.  Wendy has drawers full of them, Jen and La use CD cases for their circs, and I know there’s more than one former beer cooler full of Susan Bates colour classics out there in blog land.

(pause for sound of crickets chirping in the sudden quiet)

okay, maybe I don’t empty the cooler long enough to use it for anything other than soaking my sore feet, but it could happen.  Admittedly, most of my straights live in a birchbark tube made from a piece I found on the forest floor in upstate Michigan (no, I didn’t make it).  No trees were denuded for the artful display of my knitting needles, but I am way off the traiI I was hoping to follow here. . .

It’s circulars that I want to throw the spotlight on today, people.  Circular needles come in perfect size plastic envelopes clearly marked with their length and width, envelopes that work well for storage until they split, until they get lost while the circs are away playing with the Regia, envelopes that sometimes are a darned nuisance to keep track of.  I tried putting them in drawers like Wendy, I tried looping a metal ring through their display hanging hole, but mostly then end up gathered at the bottom of the knitting bag or in a pile on the mantle, or congregated in the almighty junque drawer where the well-meaning but ever-baffled-by-this-knitting-thing husband of mine puts them when they are deemed in-the-way because that’s as good a place as any, and after all, I know to look there for the 24"  4.5mm I need right this moment.

But I found just the thing. 

It’s called a fishing lure binder or wallet, and I’ve seen several versions on the web, like here or here or here.  I bought a Finsport medium binder with ten pockets at my local surf fishing shop for about $17, and the five pocket inserts that attach with velcro are a few more bucks a pop.  The medium pockets are the same size as the bags the Addis come in, and you can label them with sharpie or sticky labels.  The BW binders are bigger and zip closed, which is nice, but I think the BW binder inserts are a flimsy plastic that seems brittle.  My friend Kim bought a red one at the Kittery Trading Post, she’s happy with it, and she says that the fishing department manager is a hottie, so it may be worth a daytrip for all you New Englanders.  Call ahead, because typically the fishing stores only ever have one or two in stock.  Be aware that if you walk into a fishing shop and ask for where the lure wallets are, you are likely to be asked by any saavy sales clerk "Are you one of those knitting girls?" because appparently, this has been going on for sometime now.

P.S. Three ring binder with zipper envelopes while bigger, also work well.