Posted on October 26, 2004 at 12:10 pm

I got my first ROAK, a fun little egreeting with aliens, thanks to KnitSteph! I am so charmed. Thanks again, Steph!

If my life were an e.e.cummings poem right now, this is how it would read:

In Fall,
when leaves turn
fingers chill seek
mittens but time for Knitting knitting knitting


so small. so far. so wee.

I’m stitching away at the Floral Felted Bag, about 20 rows up into the front; Birch is encouraging to work on as the rows grow shorter and shorter, and I have five days before Hallowe’en to finish the second attempt at the Frog King crown, hem a royal cape, and topstitch the Wood Fairy Poncho together. I am happy that I have pockets in all my coats, because I need mittens badly, but they’ll have to wait until November next week.