Posted on April 29, 2012 at 10:59 am

May 1st looms like a tidal wave. I have a few things due tomorrow, including two articles. They are almost ready to go, but that hasn't helped the subconscious from acting out a little. Last night during what sleep I had, I actually dreamed that a tidal wave was on the news heading our way, and that Baba Yaga had pointed her crooked cane at me and told me I was about to receive my comeuppance, but I figured all I had to do was get my family to high ground before the wave hit and even if we lost everything left behind, I would still be okay. I don't remember in the dream if I had even thought about the yarn.

One of the pay-offs of all my corresponding deadlines is that I am also about to release a new pattern, based on a handspun sweater I knit last fall for SOAR. If you were at SOAR, you probably know the one, since I was wearing it around with unfinished ends dangling, and one button band short (later remedied with fiber help from David).

Jennifer Heverly of Spirit Trail Fiber Works liked the sweater enough to ask if I would make it available as a pattern, and knit the sample in her incredible yarn Verdande.

And so I did.



There's a little more too it, but I'm waiting to show the whole thing until after the pattern is available on Ravelry later this week. It will also be available in the Spirit Trail booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool this coming weekend. I personally won't be there (sadly) since The Mister won dibs on this weekend months ago, but I'll be there in spirit. (get it?)