Posted on November 30, 2004 at 12:25 pm

FinishedHusband is elsewhere for a few days, so there’s no one but a toddler here to take a picture of me in my finished Silk Garden sweater.  Trust me, it’s a party sweater.  It looks okay. especially plopped  over a sleeveless A-line pewter coloured dress I’ve been holding onto for a few years.  Now I can wear it, and just in time for the holidays.

And just because it’s the last day of the month and I have plenty of disk allotment left, here’s a few more pictures.


Just so that you know that I haven’t succumbed to second sock syndrome (aka SSS), here’s proof that I have with all good intentions started the second of the Green River pair.  The green border at the top is actually my holding yarn for the tubular cast-on I’ve come to favour for its infinite elasticity.  I also like casting on double the number of stitches and knitting two together for that first row, because I can’t get a regular cast-on loose enough to not cut off my circulation.


And here’s an answer to a few emails I’ve gotten lately that can loosely be filed under "How the heck do I get so much knitting done?"  I know that some pious souls out there will be shocked that I knit while I let my child absorb media, but here you go.  This is me and the boy a few nights ago watching streaming video of English trains from this site.  I like this one in particular because the videos are in Quicktime and they re-load automatically, so I get several minutes of knitting time between having to open a new file for his amusement.  I also knit while he eats, while he puts together puzzles, and during his bath.  I have been known to get so absorbed in my knitting while he plays in the bath that by the time I take him out he’s a prune and weighs three extra pounds from all the water he’s soaked up through his pores.