Posted on October 29, 2004 at 7:12 pm

I realized that I haven’t done much blog-worthy knitting lately what with Hallowe’en and The Wood Fairy Costume as Envisioned by JeanPaul Gautier for my own 12 year old Diva. I was up last night finishing the last bit of machine scribble on the leaves, and the Divine Miss C left for school and the weekend at her Mom’s this morning at 6:30 a.m., so I was unable to capture it on film. According to eyewitnesses (my husband) she practically flew when she saw how well the wings turned out (thanks Brynne for the advice). She also apparently wore the leaf poncho to school today as part of her regular outfit. She plans to incorporate it into her wardrobe, so there may be a picture to come in the future. It is the plight of a stepmom to make such things as Cashmerino sweaters and elaborate Hallowe’en costumes only to never see them again. *sigh*
On the stays-here-with-me front, I finished The Boy’s second Frog King crown–this time at 22″ round, a more sympathetic size. I wrote most of what I did down, thinking that I could post the pattern, but last night as the clock ticked past 12:30, I lost interest in rational progress and just knit the heck out of the thing to have it ready for the costume parade at music class this morning. If a critical mass shows interest, I’ll figure out exactly what happened between the seventh round of short rows and the knit everything together coup de grace and get a version up on my patterns site. So, let me know if you care.

So the good news is, now I can get back to knitting the Floral Felted Bag. But first, tomorrow off to Henniker, New Hampshire for a Spinning Beyond the Basics class. I have my fiber gathered, and my wheel already strapped in the car. Wish me luck in in my Dem-mobile driving in political activist traffic. I just hope I don’t get pelted with eggs. Think this bumpersticker might inspire a few good throws?


(Kerry’s middle name is Forbes. Get it?)