Posted on April 1, 2005 at 9:17 am

The aftermath of a house full of sick adults is not a pretty sight.  There are paper bags of tissues by every couch, and the counter of the kitchen looks like a pack of marauding raccoons were here last night, rooting through the cupboards for something to eat, emptying boxes of crackers and Lean Cuisine, but left every bottle and box of cold medicine known to human kind as payment.   Daylight_sketches_1

Listless and unable to knit for a few days, I began to imagine what I might knit next.  The Wonder Boy had said that he would like a sweater about a train, of course.  I like the idea of a train across the belly, but he has several t-shirts like that.  There is a pair of pajamas he favours that are orange striped, and he calls them his Daylight pajamas, after one of his favorite engines, the GS-2 that pulled the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight in the 30’s and 40’s.  It was a beautiful train, with distinctive orange stripes down the entire length of all the cars.  So I tried to imagine what I could do with stripes to best mimic the effect of the Daylight livery, and drew some sketches.  As you can see, my process is hardly a refined one.  I considered a raglan, especially since I like the way they fit, but I don’t think the way raglan shaping treats stripes is true to the effect I’m after.  I’m currently considering the stripes along the shoulder seam, but for it to work, I’ll have to knit the sweater in one piece, and my Ann Budd reference doesn’t cover that.  I also want to figure out a way to make the white pinstripes between the orange stripes pop a little bit, either by knitting into the back of the row two stitches below, or making the whole thing in reverse stockinette except those pinstripe rows.  Naah.  I’m still thinking.  I’ll be pulling out some Cotton Fleece today to swatch, and chase down the right colours sometime this next week.