Posted on November 29, 2010 at 11:50 am

I am setting Hallett's Ledge aside for a little bit.  I'm certain I don't have enough yarn after all for the whole sweater, and I'm pretty sure it's the fault of incorrect labelling.  It can be a problem for small producers.  According to my McMorran yarn balance calculations, the labels are off by about 250 yards overall, enough to make the difference between a sweater with two sleeves, or just one. I may knit it out to see how far I really can get and hope to be surprised, or I may rip the whole thing and try again with another yarn.


While I gather myself, I'm whipping through some improvised long mitts for the Middle Child out of cashmere I scored from the closing sale at Uncommon Threads in Michigan where we go every summer. It's bittersweet to have purchased Jade Sapphire for half price, but this store closed for happy reasons (her husband retired and she wants to spend more time with him), and Marquette still has one yarn store left, although it doesn't cater as much to my personal taste. So it goes.