Posted on February 4, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Rounding the bases on the blog tour, today we’ll hear from a long time blog and Rhinebeck pal of mine, Renaissance woman extraordinaire, Doc Steph of And She Knits Too!


I can always count on Stephannie’s opinion when I bring a new design out into the daylight, and her entry for today is as enthusiastic a response as ever I’ve heard from her. The Burton Hills Jacket has a modular approach to garment construction so I’m not expecting everyone to run out and knit one. But it’s a lot of fun to knit and I am gratified that Steph gets that, and loves it to boot.


The moment I began thinking of this coat came from a leaf through of Virginia Lee Burton’s Song of Robin Hood, one of the later books that she wrote as her boys were getting a little older and becoming interested in tales of daring do. It’s a visual masterpiece of composition, and relies on a number of VLB’s signature motifs to frame the story.

IMG_1604proof of concept swatch

The whole book is just black and white, and the receding hills just made sense to me in a moment as modular units that one could build a garment with. This novelty could be easily overdone, and I had a few false starts with the idea. There was a lot of pinning on the mannequin and staring at it for long whiles.

IMG_0082First draft, stripes inside the units: not quite right

CEY Creative Director Susan Mills was very patient with me on the days I would come into her office with the current draft, watching me puzzle it out and nodding in her supportive way. But happily I squeaked it out in the time I had to make it. And there you have it.

FFC-7524_medium2 - Copy

final version, so much better

We’re winding down the tour, and really there’s only tomorrow left before the Grand Prize day over on the Classic Elite Blog. Remember they’re offering yarn for your choice of a project from the book, so don’t forget to enter in the comments over there on Friday. In the meantime, check out Doc Steph’s blog, and possibly win a free copy of Burton Hills.