Posted on February 1, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Sunday is Indigo Dragonfly Kim McBrien’s turn to give away a free pattern from the Folly Cove collection, one I am knitting for myself at the moment.  This is the original Kenyon Dress


And these are the colors of the Classic Elite Chesapeake yarn I am using. The main color (already knit in the background) is Bracken, the bodice will be that Rosetti Purple, and stripes will be in Lavender, Olivine, and Caramel (ignore the sky blue, it snuck in there). The lighting and my camera didn’t play very well together in this shot, so the colors aren’t dead on here, but you get the idea.


Kim is a fiber artist of the highest order, an independent yarn dyer, and a master colorist. She has been an enthusiastic supporter of my work and I am honored that she chimed in to help with the blog tour. Don’t forget to comment on her blog post for a chance at the Kenton Dress pattern for free.