Posted on June 3, 2004 at 9:42 am


And now back to our regularly scheduled program. . .

I am impressed (and flattered) with the response the giraffe got, and the blogging whore in me thinks I should make something else that would generate more traffic like the critter quotient has. Nothing like a little attention to turn a girl’s head, eh?

My husband has been teasing me, claiming that my attention lately is elsewhere. He says that there’s really only two subjects I care about lately, so if he wants to get my attention he has to resort to guerilla tactics. For example, he wants to know what we’re going to make for dinner.

He says: “Honey. Any ideas for dinner?”
I say, distantly, “Oh, yeah. Sure. That sounds great.”

So this is how he asked the question last night:

He says: “Honey. Blog. Any knitting ideas for blog dinner?”
I say: “How about chicken and couscous, and we can use up the last of the asparagus?”

It’s nice to have a husband who knows how to communicate.