Posted on April 11, 2004 at 2:42 pm

Inspiration is no rare commodity on the web, especially among the blogging divas of the knitting world.  My daily ritual of looking over other people’s shoulders at what they’re knitting has finally enticed me to keep better record of my own knitting.  I try to keep up as best I can, in knitting that is. 

Yet, I find myself curiously drawn to crow about it in public.  It is seldom that someone will regard the hand-made item I am wearing and say, Oh, did you knit that?.  Especially when a sweater is fresh off the needles, I walk around 4. 5 mm off the ground hoping someone will notice and admire, like I was a newly engaged bride sporting 3 carats.  And don’t we all crave the rave?  So, here’s my first entry, longing for comment.

I give you, a little boy’s sweater:


This is just a basic design from Vicki Square’s Knit Great Basics, with the star graph pilfered from a Plymouth pattern (say that three times fast), knit at 4.5 stitches to the inch on 4mm in Plymouth Encore, a 75% acrylic 25%wool yarn that’s supposed to withstand spaghetti sauce and washing machines. 

Go ahead.  Applaud or boo.  Throw coins or tomatoes.   It’ll wash.

And just because I know you want to look at my backside: 


This was my object of participation for Alison‘s Spring Fling Knit-Along.