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Contest Results

Written on March 25, 2005 at 1:11 pm

A note from the judge….. First let me say that I didn’t take my charge lightly. I certainly do understand what an honor and, yes, responsibility I have been given.Second, I do appreciate that I am a "guy" and know … Read More

While I’m Away, a Contest

Written on March 21, 2005 at 9:00 am

I’ll return from Chicago on Friday, so in the meantime, here’s something to keep you occupied.Here’s a favorite picture of mine, from a vintage Bernat pattern book.  I love it because it seems so ripe for a caption contest, and … Read More

Knitting Defensively: A Spring Resolution

Written on March 18, 2005 at 8:53 am

Speaking of socks(because isn’t everyone speaking of socks?), I’m going to cast on for a plain old pair as travel knitting out of this delicious skein.  I want to knit my ballet neck cardigan, I want to make progress on … Read More