Posted on March 25, 2005 at 1:11 pm

Rocky1_1A note from the judge…..

First let me say that I didn’t take my charge lightly. I certainly do understand what an honor and, yes, responsibility I have been given.
Second, I do appreciate that I am a "guy" and know that my decision might appear to be triggered by what a guy might find amusing.
However, I also feel that my highly specialized training over the past years as an on-again off-again yarn widower has sufficiently equipped me for the task. I have tried to be gender neutral in my decision while still being aware that you all are at heart a randy bunch and subtlety isn’t always the highest principle at work. Acrylics, dorks, and oblique Micheal Jackson references all amuse me as does Mr. Rogers and not-guarded references to the naked body both female and male. That said, while quite a few of these made me chuckle, some hit more than just a single note and that is reflected in the outcome. I am also swayed by accuracy of geographic references. (Yes, that IS Venice!)

But now to "brass tacks". Ex-lax is always a hoot, but may be just too broadly pandering.  And, as I said, Mr. Rogers and dorks amuse. Since I refuse to be photographed for anyone’s knitting blog that makes throwing the camera a contender. I’m also still reeling from the absurdity of the "Knitty" knit lingerie brouhaha several cycles ago so that reference resonated. And resonated.

Intellectually I do feel that the younger, acrylic wearing Rogers son should be assumed to be the primary speaker and the Dad should be the generator of the idea and action involved so, the winner of the "Moth Heaven First Annual I’m on Vacation and Fear Losing My Readership While I’m Gone Award for Photo Captioning" is:

Dad, I don’t think Mom is gonna be real happy with you taking pictures of the babysitter even if Mom *did* knit her that bathing suit…

Me again: I just want to thank my husband for being such a good sport (isn’t he cute?), and everyone for their very amusing observations, for fulfilling me as a comment slut, and for giving me some reason to be happy to come home.  We had a good trip, Chicago was in a weather lull, I knit one sock, and everyone got to see something that made them happy, so it was a success. I’ll tell you more about our adventures later.  For now, congratulations to Liz. I’ll be emailing the list of her prize options once I corral them for a photo. Thanks everyone.