Posted on April 17, 2005 at 11:59 am

SkirtingThere’s nothing glamourous about skirting a fleece. 

For some reason, the act of skirting always had an image in my mind of getting down on all fours and trimming the bottom of the sleep before the real shearing, kind of like you were giving it a pageboy.  Now I know that skirting is really more of a comb-out affair, and the key is to keep track of the fleece as it is carried over to the table, so as not to end up with the poop-y end. 

Yesterday, The Boy and I went with Kathy and her family up to Denmark, Maine for the Denmark Sheepfest, a cousin of the Maryland event, certainly, but with a lot less flash and havoc.  I helped Kim unburden herself of some of her fiber stash (I love the basket, Kim), and bought a couple of jars of her signature handcream.  I also picked up a darling handknit sheep from Jane Sumner for The Boy, who had the unfortunate luck to be carsick all over his beloved cuddle friend Cow on the way up.  Here’s an understatement: the Maine backroads are especially winter-weary this year.  Kathy’s husband — a veteran dad — took the car to a carwash and the Cow to a laundromat while we girls hung out with our fiber friends.  I thought this was a noble gesture, but my husband suggested that it was something that any man would do rather than stand around looking at sheep being sheared for three hours.

12_wpiHere’s the sweet shot for this entry. 

The Tie-Dye yarn spun up and ready for a good soak, about 150 yards of it, 12 wpi.  It’s a lot more pink than red in person, and I have no plans for it as of yet.  Have you noticed yet that I never knit anything out of what I spin?  I need to do something about that.
I also knit most of the body of the upcoming Daylight sweater in the car yesterday, and I’ll soon be showing you how I figure out the shaping for the sleeves as I knit it in one piece to get the stripes the way I want them.  Just in case you might be interested.