Posted on July 21, 2014 at 1:54 pm

I don’t always expect sketches to actually become sweaters: most of them are simply a “someday” notion, an idyll destined to be realized if only given time and yarn and someone shouting “mush” behind me. I certainly want to make them happen, but the Quantum closet so many designers seem to slip in and out of with ease only reveals itself to me when I have a deadline.


This was a recent sketch when Amy and I started talking about my Knitscene feature, and since the most recent ideas are always my favorite, I showed it to her right away. It was an immediate hit with Amy (which is no surprise since I think her internet is powered by a coal fired difference engine), so it went into the “keeper” pile right away. Whether or not I would be able to chart out a credible “cog” remained to be seen, and I did make several stabs at it with mediocre results. I’m pretty happy with the final.


One of the fun surprises of this design is the sleeve cast on, which given a few rows of corrugated rib, resembles the cog’s teeth.

This was also the first sweater that I chose yarn for. The Grant Street Ink colorway from Lorna’s Laces has been on my to do list for almost a year, and The Bean is one of my favorite colors of theirs, and for as many places that I’ve lived, I still think of those Chicago ladies as my home town yarnies. These colors make a great combination for this sweater, keeping the stockinette interesting with a subtle variegation before the fun of the yoke chart begins. I do hope this sweater’s pop appeal gets some colorwork novices to give it a try, but I also understand that such things end up as long term residents in the queue.  Not everyone has a friendly Musher urging them on.