Posted on January 20, 2012 at 8:39 pm

I am happy and relieved to share the news that I finally sat down with the original pattern for the Dinosaur Hood and tackled the wee beastie. I am amazed given how many errors I found in it that anyone managed to make one before. But it was one of the first things I had ever written out to share, so I can be gentle with the glib knitter I was back then.


It seems to have developed some kind of mystique, given its unavailability. Lately the emails come daily (it’s cold out I guess), asking for a notification when it surfaced again, and even for the original no matter how impaired by bad math it was. There was one woman who sent me several emails begging for it in any condition, telling me an affecting story of how it was the only thing in the world that would do for her son. So of course, when I sent it to her, there was not even a glimmer of thanks from her end of the intertubes. I have to laugh a little.

I have in the year since I originally removed it to fix the problems, developed a sense of humor about how people can be a little absent minded about the manners over the internet, because a lot of people do expect things (especially kid’s patterns) to be free, and many of the requests I had were hardly polite. I hoped the worst of them were because of the bluntness of Google translate. Ultimately, I decided that since it was something I had given away before, and that I would love to be free of the frequent emails, here it is finally, still for free. You’re welcome. ❤

Download Dinohoodtext1