Posted on July 4, 2004 at 9:55 am

even_the_olympic_stadium_isnt_finishedHave any of your friends sent this to you in their email?

    ‘By following the simple advice I read in an article, I have finally
found Inner Peace . . . In part, the article read:

    "The way to achieve Inner Peace is to finish all the things you’ve

    I looked around the house to see all the things I started and hadn’t
finished and there were, I must admit, quite a few.
    So, before going to work this morning I finished off a bottle of red
wine, a bottle of white, the Bailey’s, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier, my
Prozac, Valium, a box of chocolates and all my cigarettes.
    You have no idea how frickin’ GOOD I feel….

I haven’t finished anything for too long now.  Mostly it’s because I have knitted every project I have on the needles to the point of greatest resistance and stopped.  The only one that still loves me is the Azkaban Scarf, puttering happily along without a peep of complaint.  No problems, just happy mindless knitting.  I can just pick it up whenever and wander around knitting, it doesn’t care.  It lets me live my life, balancing the checkbook, giving The Magnificent Toddler his bath, singing lullabies in the semi-dark, happy happy, knit knit knit. What a lovely thing.

The other sweaters and things are sullen and bitter.  The linen drape is sniggering at me because it thinks it has won.  I have stalled just short of the left front shoulder decreases because I am in no mood to rip it back a measley six rows to fix an edge stitch that looks wonky to me.   The Insomnia Sweater has taken to outright insolence whenever I so much as pass by the doorway of the dining room where it I threw it in disgust.  And the Lacey Leaf scarf commited hari kari because it couldn’t make up its mind whether it was a scarf or a stole at three pattern repeats across.  I have to cast on again for that with two repeats so that it won’t suffer an identity crisis; but it looks so peaceful as a ball of yarn, I am loathe to disturb it. 

So today I become a finishing fool.  I resolve to not cast on for another project, not even one so benign as a single skein of koigu scarf, until I can wear something that is currently on the needles.  I am leaving for two weeks on the Upper Penninsula on Thursday, and I will take only current projects with me. 
I will take only current projects with me.
I will take only current projects with me.
I will take only current projects with me.
(of course, there are are two yarn shops in Marquette if I need anything).
I will take only current projects with me.
I will take only current projects with me.