Posted on April 28, 2004 at 1:33 pm

I just downloaded Samantha, newly released, from Kate Gilbert, author of Anouk.  I’m planning on making one for my Hairdresser’s baby girl-to-be, due in September.  My Hairdresser?  I owe a lot to my hairdresser, and she is utterly baffled by the act of knitting.  It’s a magic act as far as she’s concerned, and I’ll get a kick out of the awe factor (that’s a double-entendre in case you missed it) when she opens it.

And following Kate’s example after laughing out loud when I happened upon her interpretation of the Knitters Geek Code by Kate Pickering, I’ve composed my own version.


Version 1.1

KCmR++ Exp++ SPM+++ Addi+ Yarn++ Stash++ Scale+++ Fin+ Ent– FI+@ Int++ Tex++ Lace@ Felt+ Flat++ Circ+ ML+ Swatch? KIP SNB Blog FO++ WIP++ GuageDK(W) ALTSw+Sp@


There, now I have no secrets left.

Okay, okay. Boxers.
Now you got me.

I couldn’t resist posting this one.  According to Quizilla I am Mohair, a grammar god, a granny knitter, and my inner child is older than I am.  I have resisted, until now, sharing this with the world.  But this I had to actually put on my site, because somewhere deep inside me there is a repository of geekdom not satisfied with the three months of my life in grade 7 when I wrote every note in class to my friend, also named Julia, in Elvish.  Let it be known that she was my friend for two reasons: 1) Her name was Julia* and 2)She was the only other person I knew who had read Tolkein. 

This second reason, I am sad to admit, would continue to be the foundation for too many of my friendships and even one boyfriend I can think of.  And now the whole world thinks it’s read Tolkein.  It’s time to start becoming more discriminating.  I should narrow it down to something a little more exclusive, like, people who’ve read Tolkein, and KNIT!  Ah, see?  There goes all the boys but for six.  You guys can stay.  Oh, wait.  How many of you wear boxers?

How many of you wear knitted Victorian skivies?

IMG_0972Cornelia has concede that maybe a cable pattern other than bulky old Horseshoe could be nice down the front of Simply Marilyn so I’m swatching up a plaited and a crossed cable from the Vogue Knitting book for her to evaluate.   

*at the risk of sounding defensive here, in 1976 there were few enough people plodding across my path that to meet another Julia was occasion for some kind of comraderie.  These days I hear my name so often at the playground I could believe that I had been featured on CNN the night before.  Where did all these little Julias come from?  I’ll tell you.  Page 632 of 10,000 Names for Your Unique Baby

Expectant mother to spouse: "Oh, Honey, how about "Julia"? It’s unusual, and it doesn’t sound too much like something that goes into Paella." 

It’s only a matter of time folks, before the search for unusual names leads to the local Montessori being overrun with little boys named Cumin.