Posted on June 8, 2004 at 4:16 am

its_hardly_magicand there’s nothing to knit.  How can that be? you ask. 

I finished the left front of the Insomnia Sweater after dinner, or as Kerstin calls it, the Nightmare.  So here I sit at 4 a.m. with nothing on the needles.  I haven’t picked up my shawl yarn yet; the back from Jaipur is all folded into a tiny little hankerchief, the vest in Noro Blossom is around here somewhere with one front left to knit, I had a sock started but I had to borrow one of the addi turbo size ones to make the bottom seed stitch panel for Jaipur and now I can’t find it, and . . . oh.  Wait a minute.  I have my Azkaban scarf!

But really, folks.  This project is hardly riveting.  Round and round for 32 rounds, a couple of stripes for momentary excitement, and back to round and round.  I like it fine, but I keep thinking that I keep it for myself.  I’m feeling very selfish about my knitting lately.  I have’t finished a sweater for myself in months.  But I am hardly a Griffindor.  It would feel very strange to me to go prancing around in Griffindor colours, even if they are my favorite combination.  However, I’ve always suspected I am really more of a Hufflepuff, so I put on The Sorting Hat. and lo and behold:

I’m a Ravenclaw!

Oh.  I guess that explains why I want challenging knitting even though I am liable to complain about it.   I think I’ll go cast on for an Insomnia sleeve.  See Ya.

Sorry there’s not much humour in this post.  I promise you that there’s nothing funny about being awake at this hour.