Posted on May 3, 2004 at 11:53 pm

I am bored with all these monochromatic sweaters I’ve been knitting.  Sure, the Stripey Star Sweater had a little intarsia in it, but I’ve got one- colour-yarn sweaters behind and a’fore me at the moment, and I am bored.
I will cast on for The Return of Jaipur this week, and maybe even get to the tank I promised myself.  I am flirting with the Debbie Bliss Cotton Aran I bought to make Anne Modesitt’s Ballet Neck Twin Set Cardigan from the Spring IK (yes, I got my summer issue yesterday; later on that), and I even finished the top and bottom for the little felted turtle.  But I am dying for some fun bobbin torture.  So I pulled out this artifact from my knitting past.

This is Kilim by Kim Hargreaves in my own colourway from book number 7.  It was the same issue that introduced Kaffe Fasset’s Foolish Virgins design.  Remember that one?  Anyone here actually make that one?  I know of two in my general experience.  Not much has been heard from either of those knitters ever since.  I think one may have become a cigarette and gin runner up the Adriatic Sea out of Ravenna. 
Rowan book 7.  ::sigh:: The year was 1990.  No one had cell phones, email, or SUVs.  Bush was president.  I was 27.  I had never made anything from cotton before, and as you can tell from the back, I didn’t know much about colour work either. 


Far be it from me to let a little ignorance get between me and an insanely demanding sweater.  I actually started this in 1994, and I called it my Insomnia Sweater because I couldn’t sleep as I faced down my dissertation, and I knit this rather than write anything.  I am now a contented ABD, BTW. 

So I have a few decisions to make if I am to continue this baby.  How many of the glaring and amateur techniques I employed back then do I re-employ for the sake of symmetry, for example.  How much ripping do I really want to get into here?