Posted on August 11, 2004 at 7:37 pm

lacealong1 UPDATE:

(there’s supposed to be a lace along button there, but Typepad’s server seems to have decided to not recognize any command that involves that one image. You’ll also notice that it’s eliminated the button that used to live in my sidebar. I think Typepad must feel threatened by lacey knitting or someything like that. I’m beyond frustrated with computers this week. Just play along with me here, maybe if we ignore it, the button will come back)

Teresa has finished her Victoria Tank. Rush over there to admire!
Jessica finished her Birch.
Brynne finished two projects, the waving lace socks from the Spring 2004 Interweave Knits, and a baptismal stole for her new baby.
Margene claims to have finished the Starmore Seaweed Wrap, and I’m waiting for a picture!
Katie has a few pieces finished from her Alice cardi. It’s hard to see because it’s black and not yet blocked, but impressive nonetheless.

Leigh made an orange tencel doily ages ago, and I never commented on it, because I wasn’t paying attention, and I can’t find it in her new blog style. But I am sure that it’s fabulous.
Norma’s gotten her hands on that custom-spun laceweight with beads, and it’s delicious looking. What is to come of it, I will know soon.
Larissa’s cast on and making progress on her Gibson Girl pullover.

Carrie’s been away on a fiber quest to the Andes I think (she is quite an authority on Peruvian textiles and has the most enviable collection photo albumed on her blog; go check it out) so there are no new pictures of her delectable Frost Flowers shawl from A Gathering Of Lace . I am wondering if she took it with her and if there will be a completed thing of beauty posted soon?
Alison finished her Fiddlesticks Garden Shawl
Nicole’s most recent update on her lacy shawl from the summer Interweave Knits is on her August 5th entry: take a look.

I haven’t figured out what Abby is making for the knit-along, but she did finish her Charlotte, which is very pretty.
I also am not sure what Amanda is knitting for us, but I did find a lovely waving lace sock (just like Brynne’s, but pinker) in her gallery.
Jenny’s Victoria Tank is toodling along. Her most recent picture is on her July 26th post, so scroll down and look at the detail.
Caroline has made most of her Debbie Bliss Shetland Shoulder Shawl
And Kate is halfway through her wedding stole. Go Kate!

That’s all for now. If I missed anyone who has something to report, please let me know and I’ll update the update. I am sorry that it took me over a week to get this up, but we’ve had quite the wrestle with the computer. Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll have the giraffe blocked by Monday, and maybe even the back will be finished.