Posted on April 28, 2005 at 6:00 pm


These mittens are able to fit either hand, designed with an
extra large thumb opening to help getting them on little hands a breeze. In a worsted weight, the mitten will fit a
child’s hand, with about a 7 inch circumference. Smaller gauges will fit smaller hands.   As always, I welcome corrections, assuming anyone wants to try a pair.   

Samples were knit in Plymouth Galway (color 130), a worsted weight yarn.
Set of double pointed needles (or two circular needles if that is your
preference) to obtain desirable gauge.

5st = 1 inch on size 6 needles

Make two alike.

Cast on 28 stitches, distribute evenly over three double
pointed needles (or two circular needles) join in the round making sure to not
twist the stitches, and work in k2 p2 rib for 1 ¼ stitches, or to length
desired. Knit evenly one round while
increasing 6 stitches evenly around. 34 stitches.

Work around for an inch and a half, or about 9 rounds. At beginning of needle number one, begin work
for the front of the thumb front.

Knit 12 stitches, turn (you may want to slip stitches
remaining on this needle to the next needle, needle number 2) and purl
back. Work 7 rows of stockinette in all,
and having finished with a ws row, turn with right side facing for

SL1, k1, psso, knit 8, k2tog. Purl back. Continue decreases in this manner
until there are 4 stitches on the needle. Purl back and begin increases for the
back of the thumb.

Knit into both the front and back of the first stitch before
slipping it off the needle (kfb) [or knit 1, make 1— whichever you like], k2,
kfb [or m1 k1] into last stitch. Purl back.

Thumb_detailContinue increasing every knit row in preferred manner until
you have 12 stitches on the needle, having finished with a rs row. The row with four stitches will serve as a
fold at the tip of the thumb. Knit back and forth on the thumbback until it matchesthe thumb front in length, or about 7 rows.  Now join
the thumb into the main body of the mitten by knitting the several stitches you moved to needle two,
being careful to snug up the yarn a bit between the last thumb stitch and the
first mitten stitch.(34 stitches)  Continue to work in the round. You may want to redistribute the stitches
after a few rounds in this way:

On needle #1, three stitches from before the thumb join, the
12 thumb stitches, and then three more stitches. (18 stitches)
On needle #2, eight stitches.
On needle #3, eight stitches.

Work until the mitten measures about 2 inches from the thumb
join, or until it is as long as the thumb. Begin decreases.

*At beginning of needle #1, k1, SL1, k1, psso. Knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k1.
At beginning of needle #2, k1, SL1, k1, psso.
At needle #3, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k1.
Knit one round.

Repeat from * until 10 stitches are left on the needles in
all. Break off yarn leaving a 8 inch or
so tail. With a tapestry needle or crochet hook, pass the tail yarn through the
remaining stitches (perhaps twice if you like) and tie off snuggly.

Turn mitten inside out, and sew sides of the thumb
together. Weave in ends.


Huge honking thanks to Tracy who knit the first pair and sent me corrections.  Mwah to you and your new blog!