Posted on February 23, 2013 at 5:45 pm

My incredibly talented artist friend Alan Bull has a sweater that belonged to his dad, and he's been promising me a show and tell for over a month. Today our orbits aligned and over he came with the sweater.


Given the motif, many people (raise your broom if you're Canadian) would recognize this immediately as a curling club sweater. BCC for Belfast Curling Club is knit into the left shoulder, which is where Alan's dad used to play when he was a business guy in Maine in the 1950's. Alan's sister has been in possession of the sweater since college, and recently, Alan has been getting his turn.

It's beautifully made, in traditional pieced construction, hand seamed everywhere, even the shoulders. The pockets have a nice top edge detail in particular:


This good old wool has held up beautifully for almost 60 years. There's hardly a sign of wear but for that little red fray and a place on the back hem where the edge is just now beginning to give way. The Talon Brass separating zipper is a beauty, tarnished poetically and still working like new. And the sweater has a wonderful back: 


I think Alan should wear it all the time, since it just suits the whole lost America quality thing he has going on with his work. You should click over to his site to admire. Alan's truck paintings especially have a wistful quality, with just the right amount of melancholy. There's a lot of good stuff in all of his galleries, so wander around a little. I mean c'mon. The guy has such a great sweater!


Added later: I found it on Ravelry, a vintage Mary Maxim pattern called Bonspiel Days.