Posted on December 29, 2004 at 10:20 pm

Img_2100I had a lovely day yesterday: I went up to Dresden, Maine to a nuno felting party hosted by Chris Morgan, with guest felter Marianne Dubois.  There were several members of the New England Fiber Arts group there, a Yahoo list I read, and I also met Kim who writes The Woolen Rabbit blog.   We shared lunch, soaped up every horizontal surface in the place, and made nuno felted silk scarves.  If you’re interested in what ten women have to do in a rural school gym during Christmas vacation with bubble wrap, a washboard, miles of silk, and a pool noodle in order to get one of these at the end of the day, then check out Chris’s blog in a day or two and look at some of the many pictures she took.

After the party, Roseanne, Kerstin, Frankie, Tommy, and I made our way over to Pine Tree Yarns in Damariscotta, Maine since it was only 25 minutes away.  The shop is in the front of a little house on the main shopping street downtown, and the room filled with Elaine’s specialty dyed yarns is a feast for the eyes and the knitter’s imagination.  Because of the special circumstance, I broke my yarn diet to buy a couple of skeins of Hand Painted 2ply Wool to inspire me to make from my stash a pattern that is a specialite de la maison at Pinetree, the Maine Bounty Sweater, which uses bits and pieces in a free-form stripey kind of way to make a unique and awe-inspiring thing of beauty.  I’ve two projects in the queue ahead of it, but planning the yarns I’ll pull from the stash will occupy me in traffic for the next couple of weeks, so don’t tailgate any baby blue Chrysler minivans with a happy star painted on the back for a while, okay?

Img_2101And since we’re on the topic of felting, here’s the Floral Felted Bag, finally sewn together, embroidered, and handles engineered not entirely as instructed (am I the only one who had no luck with the finishing instructions?) ready to hit the bath this afternoon .  Wish me luck, please.  I’ve been dreading anticipating this very day for a couple of months, and now that it’s here, I’m having a hard time getting myself to start.  I’ll be doing the felting by hand in hot and cold water baths, hoping to avoid the disasters I’ve heard have befallen this bag in conventional washing machine treatments.  After yesterday’s felting party, I feel more capable, but still not worthy.