Posted on March 5, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Next week, omg I can’t believe it’s getting so close, next week, knitters!


Fiber Camp is a perfectly timed wooly fix organized by The Common Cod Fiber Guild in Cambridge, planted on the New England Yarn Calendar right between (what is widely known as) SPA in February, and the first of the Spring Sheep-centric follies (like Denmark Sheepfest and The Gore Place Sheep Shearing). It’s a rollicking information trading event, based entirely on what people want to learn and want to teach. And to start it off this year, they’ve invited me to share my interest in Cowichan Sweaters. On Friday night, I’ll have a slide show lecture that starts with the ancient and enduring Coast Salish wool traditions, covers the forces the Cowichan knitters endured in the 20th century, and finishes with a show-and-tell of a few prizes from my small Cowichan collection.

crow(not in my collection, but oh, ain’t she purty?)

On Saturday, I’ve volunteered to teach Combination/Continental Knitting and a few of my colorwork classes, which you can check out here (the bargain $20 admission for the weekend includes all classes and events), and in the afternoon I will be hosting a fashion show to showcase the work of a bunch of talented NOBO (North of Boston) knitting designers. Included will be sweaters and accessories by Misa Erder, Amy Christoffers, Ellen Mason, Alison Green, Bristol Ivy, and Thea Coleman (see how I arranged everything so I get to do a lot of talking? Extrovert, right here).

So, have I convinced you yet? I do hope to see you there. Location and times on the Events page (please come, it’s going to be embarrassing if you don’t come).