Posted on November 15, 2014 at 7:04 pm

There is a connection between knitters and shoes I would have a hard time explaining beyond stating it as a fact. And the connection between John Fluevog shoes and the knitters who love them is one that rivals the passion of Patriots season ticket holders. If a knitter owns one pair of Fluevogs, they are just as likely to own many pairs of Fluevogs, for these are shoes made by hand, are unique in their style, and bear that “one of the tribe” quality we knitters seem to prize above much else.

It was through a series of recent coincidences that I found myself involved in encouraging some knitters to take over the John Fluevog Shoe Store on Newbury Street in Boston this week. The Fluevog Company has been trying out knit nights at several of their shops with great success, so it was our turn to give it a try. A few of us put the call out to the Fluevog Fan group on Ravelry, I posted about it on my twitter account, and so it seems enough people spread the word that knitters came out even on a busy Thursday night. I was delighted to see Sheeri Cabral and Alasdair Post-Quinn arrive early with friends from Common Cod Fiber Guild, and Alasdair even wore his Angel boots. People kept arriving and plunking down with their WIPs, and soon the evening was humming along. Here’s all of the pictures I took, which (sorry to say) amounts to not much.

IMG_2536My Radio KCRW boots on the left, Alasdair’s Angels on the right.

 IMG_2537NeuroChic‘s gorgeous green Crystals

    IMG_2531Anne in her pink Careys, and her Lanesplitter Skirt

As you can see, I had my priorities set on shoes for the evening.

We took up just about all the sitting space in the shop, which is set up for the trying on of shoes rather than facing each other in conversation, so it was a little awkward knitting facing away from everyone on the round benches. But people soon got up to browse the shoes, to look at some of the sweater samples I brought along, and to shop for yarn, before sitting back down on the floor..

Wait, what was that? Yarn, you say?

Yes, Ana Campo of Toil and Trouble brought a modest selection of her beautiful yarns, and pillaged they were by the knitters. We also had a lovely representative (with her knitting) from Downeast Cider plying us with delicious Mead and Cranberry Cider. So that was fun too.

There might have even been a little trying on of shoes. The feet in shoes thing is quite a regular topic among the devotees of the Fluevog brand. Anne tried on the Dragon shoes, officially named “Venus”


Four inch heels that must be obeyed

And I tried on the Brontes, which Anne promptly dubbed “granny core” shoes:


They make my little Steam Punk heart go all wheezy and stuff. There’s always a lot more trying on than buying when it comes to Fluevogs, since they pique your curiosity, and it is widely understood in the circle that these are shoes that must be worn to be appreciated. They have a way of working their way into your wardrobe, so proceed with caution (or abandon).

The staff was delighted with the evening, and vowed to do it again. So if you missed this one for those pesky reasons of life or one of those pre-existing conditions called kids, with any luck you can make the next one. Stay tuned.