Posted on December 2, 2011 at 9:12 pm

There's a backlog of projects around here. My kitchen looks more like a mad scientist's workshop than a place where anyone prepares food (although at the moment, "preparing food" is not entirely accurate, unless by "prepare food" you mean "open a cabinet or re-fridge door and grab what is closest to edibility, and consume". Heating up in a microwave is a fancy extra expenditure of time and um, time, if you know what I mean.

Just as an aside: Cereal is my best friend at the moment. I did in the Lucky Charms first (and who wouldn't?) followed by the Cheerios. I'm working through the little box of Uncle Sam and reaching the point where cereal will soon mean oatmeal, and oatmeal is something you have to "prepare". You see my problem here? Someone has to go to the store. And get some milk while you're at it, please.

With the gifting holidays coming up, and all my best plans to knit my step-daughter the sweater of her dreams (which is a giant gauge and dead simple by her own choice), my husband a proper stocking (so we can actually give him a stocking and not a pillowcase this year), and a properly sized watchcap for my stepson's very big head, are alas, eroding. There are too many deadlines looming, and by the time I get everything off, I may not have a stitch left. Even so, given the rigors of road trip passenger seat knitting, I managed this much on a very self-indulgent project, my Larch cardigan by Amy Christoffers:


It doesn't pool like that in person, it's just the weirdness of the digital.

On the slightly less selfish and "professional amateur" side of things (that's how I describe my activities these days), I am spinning Cormo for a public experiment:


and writing an article due on the 12th, another at the end of the month, pecking away at a sweater pattern I'm sending off for a friend's project, trying to find time to spin 50 yards of yarn so I can finesse the button band for the SOAR sweater before I knit it properly in generously donated (and fantastic) yarn for the version to self-publish before the spring, and feverishly knitting away on this favorite project that I already showed the blog once. If it's successful, I think it would be an nice thing to have ready for anyone who wants to try it right after Christmas. January is such a patient month for the fiddly knitting.


And I have an inbox full of reminders that people would actually like to have me finish the revisions for the dinosaur hat I used to have posted full of typos and bad math for all the world to see. See? I haven't forgotten, but it is a free pattern after all, and of the three knitters I have emailed the shabby old version when they begged for it, how many of them thanked me?

Not one. Seriously. That's not a big incentive to hurry.

(all this while making sure my kid stays fed and rested and gets his homework done, that I show up to work on time, and that I've showered at least once this week).

So why did I stop to write a blog post? a reader wonders.

Fish gotta swim, bloggers gotta blog.

Why? indeed. xo