Posted on February 7, 2012 at 11:28 am

It's amazing how bobbins affect forward momentum in a project.

Not too long ago, when I packed up all the wheels and drove them to The Spinning Loft in Michigan for the Dream Wheel Trunk Show, I did something really clever with the extra four Watson bobbins I own, putting them someplace safe.

Now if only I could remember where that was.

More than a week has passed since I finished the singles for my "super-fast handspun project" which has by now slid into the "not-so-fast handspun project" category. And all for the want of an empty bobbin to ply onto. Suddenly the spinning thing becomes a game of Rush Hour. "Which bus bobbin do I have to move clear to get my car free singles plied?"

I finally gave up and cranked some other singles on one bobbin off onto my trusty singles holding tool, also known as a toilet paper tube (They fit perfectly onto the core of my ball winder, and they are in reliable supply).


Voila! Empty bobbin. Which allowed me to finally break the log jam and get the singles plied. The result:

630 Yards of worsted weight 2 ply, from Spunky Eclectic's BFL in Leaf Peep, destined to be the contrast yarn for a Kirigami.


Now I have four empty bobbins.


I love that they look just spent from the effort.

So, should I finish the project that is on the fifth one? Or start something new?


This is a Bliss batt from Enchanted Knoll; it's been on the wheel since the Tour de Fleece (which was in July?). It makes me feel guilty looking at it. I'm about a third of the way through this spin. I think it needs me. And it needs empty bobbins to get finished.

but I'm also feeling the pull of a few sweater lots. Five sweater lots to be exact. Oh the allure of the new!

Or maybe, just maybe I should find the errant four bobbins and not loose any sleep over my next spin move.