Posted on June 9, 2013 at 10:04 am

No, that's not a typo. The Fox Love Jacket is finally ready for sharing. I required some help on this one to make it perfect, and I wanted to send out some love to everyone involved.


It's not a complicated knit, but making it knitter friendly was a multiple step process so I have more than the usual number of people to thank for this one. First of all, I bow to my darling boy, who at eleven is still sweet on woodland critters and wants his clothes emblazoned with them whenever possible. The inspiration came from him. Also, thank you to the talented Amy Christoffers who urged me to actually write the pattern down since I was just going to make one and move on.



Many thanks also to Marion, my lovely model, who was not freaked out when a total stranger (that would be me) asked her if she would wear a sweater for photographs. Granted, she was knitting a sock at the time, so she was fair game.



Thank you also to Courtney at Seed Stitch in Salem who let me "stage" the shoot at her gorgeous shop. I bought a sweater's worth of Shibui Heichi to thank her. And some Blue Sky Alpaca. And maybe some other things too.

My enormous gratitude to Dawn who wrangled the many pattern details and made all the numbers sing.

And to Alison who tutored me through my first solo chart composition (Adobe Illustrator has a steep learning curve), approved my final chart, made the schematic, and laid out the whole pattern so beautifully.

Just for the record, the original sweater was knit in Berroco Vintage Chunky, which I chose for its kid-friendly texture and the fact that shade #6176, aka "Pumpkin", was the perfect fox color. I purchased the yarn at the Yarn and Fiber Company in Derry, NH, where I know they always have loads of Berroco in all. the. colors.


Extra touches of orange

I’m having my first sale as a celebration. If you buy the Fox Love Jacket through Ravelry,
there’s a coupon code FoxLove20 for 20% off your purchase, and that
includes all of the patterns I have available, as long as one of the
patterns you buy is the Fox Love Jacket (or even if it’s the only pattern you
buy). The offer is good through midnight EDST on Tuesday, June 11th.



I hope you like it!