Posted on June 19, 2014 at 8:48 pm

I’m absorbed in some work for Classic Elite Yarns at the moment that really excites me. They recently accepted a “dream” design of mine for one of their fall books. It was a slightly ambitious idea for me, not in the knitting per se, but in the resolving pattern elements across all the sizes. I never quite found the push I needed to get it done for my own indie label, so in my notebook it sat unrealized for awhile. When I flipped through my sketches with the CEY Creative Director, Susan Mills, she thought it fit with something they had going. Having some one else confirm it was a good design, and then to give me a deadline (and the yarn) really was the push I needed to tackle my nerves (and the math).

Susan assigned me a yarn which immediately won me over: Color by Kristin. It’s what Kristin Nicholas (a former Creative Director of Classic Elite herself) uses for all of her design work. As a yarn, it is an artists’ statement about fiber and color and friendliness of the material. It’s wooly and soft and super saturated in gorgeous color, and just sings to me with all the notes of a familiar and beloved song. The palette practically makes my mouth water, and I am resolved to use it again as soon as possible for one of my own sweaters, probably this last one I designed which I can only show you a peek of right now:


I never wear this particular shade myself – 3232 Raspberry in CEY parlance – but I love to see it out in the world. I have a lot of this color in my spring garden. This Tree Peony for example:



It’s a bright shock of fun for a traditionally inspired design, but captures exactly what I was after in that pattern. Susan told me this week that they just photographed the sweater, and it fit the model perfectly. I’m so excited to see how the photos turned out! I’ll let you know when it’s been published.