Posted on June 12, 2004 at 10:25 pm

simon_drunk_on_catnipConfession time: I’m a gardener.  This is inconvenient during the summer because my fingers are never quite clean enough to handle light coloured yarn, so I avoid it.  My nails have enough dirt trapped under them to germinate those pumpkins your mother always said could grow in your unwashed ears.  I’ve tried the scraping-your-fingernails-over-a-bar-of-soap trick, but I hate the sensation of trying to weed with big lumps of soap trapped under my nails.  I have nail brushes and surgical gloves and gardening gloves and pumice particle soap and orange hand cleaner and good old LAVA, but still, my hands are just a little bit discoloured.  And lately, I’ve been a sunburned filthy mess getting ready for this very weekend.  Because I agreed a year ago to let a thousand strangers file through my yard and critique my plantsmanship.  A year ago, I didn’t know that I was going to be knitting a pale sage green linen sweater right about now and really want to keep the weeding to a minimum.   But it’s for charity, so I let them in anyway.

Anyway.  Here’s a reasonable picture of the perennial border, and my cat, Simon, who spends most of his summer days languishing in the opium den that is the catnip, or Nepeta x "Six Hills Giant" to the gardeners in the group.  At eighteen years old, he deserves it.

As for me, I’m exhausted. 
No knitting to report, because today, I am a gardener.