Posted on April 23, 2013 at 9:02 pm


I’m in a knitting rut. As in, all I do these days is knit.

It’s beginning to show a little wear and tear on the body. My butt is flat, my hands ache, I’m developing a widow’s hump from looking down at my work all the time, and my clothes are not fitting very well. It’s been something I haven’t really cared about late in the winter since I hardly get out of my sweat pants most days lately, because what clothes are there better to knit in that something with an elastic waistband?

Damn, I’m a mess.

I went for a bike ride yesterday: a pathetic wind sucking ass kicking bike ride. It was the kind of ride I would have never thought would be a challenge, but yesterday, I was humbled by a tiny hill I usually consider a warm up.

Balance. I need to strike some kind of balance. Less chair time, more movement time.

I’m about to celebrate my 50th birthday, in fact. What better way to mark the half century mark than to buy some cute and inspiring bike togs, and hit the road?

It’s spring after all. Time to get outside and move. Join me?