Posted on July 9, 2004 at 9:00 am

cr550Here’s what I’m taking the the way of knitting supplies for my vacation in Big Bay, Michigan (you are totally surprised by this Yooper moose country thing, aren’t you? You may have overlooked this detail: I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. College friends called me Tundra Bunny for not entirely flattering reasons. I can fell a tree with my teeth. I have been known to say “right spun” when referring to exuberant weekend drinking. Moose are practically house pets for me.)

In no particular order:
1) Jaipur to finish.
2) The Insomnia Sweater, because there’s always hope.
3) Caryl’s Kerchief kit with peacock-coloured koigu and bottle green glass beads from foxy knits.
4) Kate Gilbert’s Samantha pattern in case I make it to to Uncommon Threads in Marquette and need a yarn fix.
5) The Twisted Sisters Sock book, so I can read every last word of it. I am leaving my wheel behind precisely so that I have to come home again.
6) Yarn and a Barbara Walker Treasury for my TKGA Lily Chin Knitting with Beads class homework assignment.
7) Regia mini-ringel in orange for the gloves I’m dying to make.
8) Makings for an Afghan square, because no one from New Hampshire has mustered up one yet for Kay and Ann’s project, and I can mail it from the next town over–which is Seabrook, New Hampshire–when I get back.

I promise a full survey of all Lace Along progress on my return, which should be around the 25th of July.

Now go play nicely with the other kids.