Posted on August 5, 2004 at 10:13 pm

giraffeThis was a lost week as far as my knitting is concerned.
I have a great talent for putting things down, and then forgetting where I put them.
This week it was the pattern for Tuja.
I turned the house upside down looking for it. I rifled through stacks of patterns(oh, that’s where the Fiber Trends hat pattern is), shuffled three weeks worth of recycled Newspapers(second notice for gas bill, check), fluffed seat cushions(Thomas the Tank engine and two friends obviously on a bender), up-ended furniture with springs so collapsed that you can’t look underneath (helping hand from a Mousetrap game*), opened drawers that haven’t seen daylight since there was a Democrat House Majority Leader (My Youthful Idealism, there you are!), and organized two rooms worth of book shelves looking for the blasted thing (Why do I own two copies of Theodore Rex?). It turned up, in. . .wait for it

my knitting bag.

Covered in other patterns and yarn.

And my house doesn’t look any better for the frisk job it got. So mirred am I in paper and things my husband dares not throw out, like five-year-old joke presents, thus the Elvis candle.
This process took the better part of the week. I had to start something else while I thought of new places to look. Slave as I am to the giraffe leitmotif in my todder boy’s life, this is the graph I worked out for his next sweater, based heavily on the designs from Phildar’s Tricot Calin #3 that I saw on Alison’s blog and Brieweb, and the star sweater I knit for him in the Spring. I have about 1200 yards of Phildar Legende in turquoise, lime green, and orange I bought from Breiweb’s site, and I’ve cast on for a corrugated rib start, and then on to this graph I made using Brown Fox Fiber’s nifty PDF graph paper.

Lace Along update this weekend, I promise. Go visit Brynne’s Baptism Stole she made for her new baby boy in the meantime. And don’t forget to admire the baby too, while you’re there.

*My husband picks these games up at yard sales for spare parts. We own three of them, but inexplicably, we do not possess a single ball that fits through the final assembled mechanism.