Posted on December 26, 2011 at 11:38 am

I am happy to announce that the opening of the hand knit hat was a knitter's dream. The Hipster took it out of the box with a huge smile on his face, held it up, asked me if I had read his mind, and put it on, played with it in the mirror, and only took it off to fold it in different ways on his head for the rest of the morning.

Happy step-mom, me.

And it turns out the Hipster's spied his idea of the perfect Nordic/aztec sweater on the cover of a book sitting on the kitchen counter: Knitting Without Tears. So the sweater in question will be a genuine Elizabeth Zimmermann Ski Sweater in Color Patterns, with a unicorn addenda. We've aready picked out the perfect purple from the Cascade 220 Heathers line, and determined that the white should be proper white. Not cream or off-white, butan eye-searing clean and clear white.

Estimated Time of Cast On: who knows? I've got a few things on the go (including a sweater for his sister) and deadlines going on right now, so I'm aiming for completion in time for the cool evenings of August.

On the wheel at the moment is this yarn:


It's Spunky Eclectic BFL in Leaf Peep for a sweater I've had in the queue for a long time: a handspun Kirigami




The swatch with Berocco Ultra Alpaca is very promising, and since this is only half a sweater's worth of yarn to make, it will be a quick spin with any luck. But time has a funny way of getting away from me. I always think I will have more of it than I ever turn out to have in reality. Know what I mean?